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Steel Nails (Various Sizes & Types)

Steel Nails (Various Sizes & Types)

  • £4.00

Good quality range of nails including a mix of galvanised and non galvansied finishes suitable for various applications.

Suitable nails for applications include:

  • 50mm Galvanised for fencing boards
  • 100mm Round Wire Nails to attach fence rails onto fence posts
  • 40mm & 50mm Oval Head Nails for using on cladding so the head can be filled in afterwards
  • 65mm & 40mm Annular Ring Nails so nails cannot be pulled out easily
  • 20mm/30mm/40mm Panel Pins for finer jobs as they are much thinner than regular nails
  • 13mm/30mm/40mm Galvanised Clout Nails for use on roofing felt or for when a bigger nail head is required
  • Galvanised Twist Nails for holding down joist hangers, roofing straps or other uses.
  • Galvanised U Staples for attaching and holding wire in place


Note : Image shows 50mm Galvanised nail and does not represent appearance of all the different types of nails, and is for illustration purposes only.

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